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Looking for an EDI solution? Connectivia specializes in EDI solutions, whether you need a cloud-based or on-premise solution or want to completely outsource EDI. Each solution was designed to provide you an accurate, reliable, and timely business-to-business (B2B) data interchange.

Connectivia’s team of EDI experts has over 15 years’ experience in the industry, so you can be confident that your EDI requirements will be 100% satisfied.

Emporium is your comprehensive EDI solution

Emporium is a cloud-based solution designed to simplify the electronic data interchange (EDI) process to better meet the requirements of your business partners while minimizing the risks associated with the inherent complexity of EDI.


  • 100% compliant with EDI industry standards
  • Ensure reliable, efficient EDI transactions
  • Quickly support new business partners
  • Seamless integration to your existing ERP
  • Unlimited transactions; pay only for the transaction types used
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Effortlessly manage EDI exceptions
  • Very large data processing capacity
  • Continuous software upgrades
  • Managed services for setup and/or migration
  • Customer support provided by the Connectivia team

Let our experts manage your EDI

Managing an electronic data interchange platform can be a daunting task. Meet your customers’ EDI requirements promptly and access the most up-to-date technology with Connectivia’s outsourcing service. Connectivia will alleviate the complexity associated with electronically transmitted data, so you can stay focused on your core business activities.

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Connecto is your direct connection to the electronic business world

Easily exchange business documents electronically according to EDI standards—without the help of a consultant. All you need is an internet-connected PC and Connecto.

Meet your trading partners' requirements in a timely fashion with this easy-to-use solution, and reduce costs by avoiding the transactional fees usually associated with EDI.

Manage your documents effectively and improve communications with Connecto.


  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intuitive document management
  • Optimization of value-added network (VAN) communications
  • Compatibility with account systems
  • Meets industry standards
  • Customer support provided by the Connectivia team

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Need to send advance ship notices (ASNs)?

Prelude *ASN is an advance ship notice (ASN) solution developed with both your business’ and your suppliers’ needs in mind. This software allows you to quickly prepare and securely send ASNs, per your clients' specifications. All data regarding your products and shipping details will automatically be transferred.

Remain in complete control of your shipments at all times with Prelude ASN. There is no need to reply using a third-party service bureau or other EDI software. This simple-to-install, user-friendly solution was built with your shipping personnel's day-to-day operations in mind.


  • 100% compliant for ASNs with major retailers
  • Stand-alone or seamlessly integrated with your ERP
  • Easy to install
  • Create ASNs directly from EDI purchase orders
  • Unlimited number of users with multi-site functionality
  • Unlimited label printing and no transaction fees
  • Permission-based user management
  • Customer support provided by the Connectivia team

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Value-added network (VAN)

Electronic data interchange (EDI) often occurs via an EDI network, commonly referred to as a value-added network (VAN). The VAN acts as an intermediary, connecting with your business partners and facilitating the transmission and tracking of documents.

If your trading partner requires the use of a VAN, Connectivia can support you.

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Connectivia’s EDI solutions integrate with several accounting and ERP systems to help reduce costs and automate EDI transactions between trading partners or suppliers.

Solutions have successfully integrated with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • MillTech
  • Quasimodo
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage 50/Simple Comptable
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Unimax
  • WoodPro
  • ACCPAC/Sage 300
  • Acomba
  • Argus
  • AS/400
  • Avantage
  • Dynacom
  • Epicor
  • IPSO
  • JD Edwards
  • Maxi Vente
  • Scoopsoft

NEW! Connectivia EDI Now Integrates with Acomba

Connectivia’s EDI solution now connects to Acomba, a standard in accounting software for SMBs for more than 25 years. This integration adds advanced EDI capabilities to Acomba’s client base, optimizing the supply chain process and improving data reliability, which helps streamline enterprise cashflow and maximize a company’s bottom line.

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